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Swing your gavel in the digital space!

With more real estate agents adopting the Openn Negotiation online method of sale each day, there is a growing demand across the nation for qualified auctioneers to help agents finalise sales.


To be recommended to agents searching for an auctioneer to facilitate their Openn Negotiation, you must first complete a training session to ensure you are well versed in the process.

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What is Openn Negotiation?

Openn Negotiation is the most advanced competitive purchasing platform in the world; combining the best parts of auction and private treaty.



Better results in less time

Agents are winning more listings, more referrals and reducing their days on market - all whilst managing seller expectations with complete transparency.


Take control of your future

More and more agents are using the Openn Negotiation sales method and need your guidance on how to run an auction!  

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Openn in a nutshell


Openn Negotiation is an online property purchasing platform designed to be transparent and fair for both buyers and sellers. Managed by professional real estate agents, it allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers there are.


Buyers are only able to participate once their terms and conditions (which can be flexible) are accepted and agreed to by the seller.


An Openn Negotiation campaign usually lasts between 1 - 4 weeks, but properties can sell earlier if the seller chooses or if the reserve price is met early.


Less days on the market


Transparent competition


Know the true value of your property


Better results for sellers


Retain high fees


Improves perception of Real Estate Professionals

Have you ever seen a property sell like this?

Watch an Openn Negotiation and see the benefits for sellers

How Openn Negotiation works

Discover the benefits of Openn and an explanation for buyers


Does a buyer have to bid once they are registered?

To take part in the Openn Negotiation process a buyer is required to place an opening bid via the Openn App during the campaign stage. Should they wish to make a further bid in the Campaign Bidding Stage they simply do so by clicking the Improve Bid button. During the Final Bidding Stage they can bid simply by clicking the Make Bid button. Once they have made their opening bid they are under no obligation to make further bids.

Can buyers withdraw from an Openn Negotiation?

As with any sales process, if the buyer does not wish to participate, they can pull out any time prior to having their offer accepted by the seller.

What happens if a property doesn't reach the reserve price?

If it doesn’t reach the reserve price, then you have the right to negotiate with parties who have indicated interest in the property.

Can we change the reserve price?

Yes, the reserve price can be changed. It may be changed upward or downward during the Campaign Bidding Stage. During the Final Bidding Stage it can only be amended downward to ensure the legitimacy of the process is not compromised.

What do I get out of being a Certified Openn Auctioneer?

As the acting Auctioneer and main "driver" of the Openn Negotiation you'll get the following:

  1. Openn Negotiation Agent Certification - Get FREE access to our self-paced online certification course for agents valued at $99!
  2. Openn Auctioneer Certification - An intensive 2 hour webinar conducted by some of Openn Negotiations top performing auctioneers and instructors.
  3. Listing on the Openn Negotiation App - Get your contact details listed on the Openn Negotiation app, so agents can easily find you when they're looking for an auctioneer to help run their campaign.
  4. Dedicated Openn support - Receive all Openn collateral and get direct access to our dedicated support staff. 

What are my responsibilities?

As Openn Negotiation is conducted under auction law a certified auctioneer must be "present" to run the process. Agents will be depending on you to conduct the Campaign and Final Bidding stages in accordance with the proper rules and regulations.

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