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Transparency in Real Estate is here with Openn Negotiation Transparency in Real Estate is here with Openn Negotiation

The future of real estate

Using Openn Negotiation, buyers can bid from their computer or phone from the comfort of their couch or anywhere in the world. That's the power of technology.

Complete transparency

Everything in an Openn Negotiation property sale is open, fair and transparent. You can see how many people are interested in a property and what they're willing to pay. 

More certainty

Buyers know their competition is real and sellers have confidence they’ve sold for the best possible price. 

We were in Positano and the buyer was in London!

Meet Lindsay and Kim. They first discovered Openn Negotiation when they were buyers. They enjoyed the experience so much they decided to sell their own home using the same process.

Openn Negotiation’s technology meant they could watch their sale unfold in real-time while they were on holiday in Positano, Italy.

See their incredible story.

Nobody could go through this, and not feel confident at whatever the final result is

Prepare to crack a smile as this 80-year-old vendor shares the entertaining story of selling his home using Openn Negotiation.

Cyril is proof that you don’t need to be a Millennial to get on-board with the latest technology.

I made the first bid from my mobile as I was walking to my friends for dinner

Meet Michelle, a successful buyer who was blown away by just how easy it was to use the Openn Negotiation app.

She placed bids on the property while on the go from her mobile phone, it doesn't get much easier than that!


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How it works

Openn Negotiation is an online property purchasing platform designed to be transparent and fair for both buyers and sellers. Watch this video to learn more!

The stats speak for themselves

2106 Success Tracker June 2021

Download the app

Discover the exciting future of real estate — download the Openn Negotiation app today, available on the Google play and Apple app store.


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